According to an interesting new study, men who spend more on their engagement ring seem to have a much higher risk of divorce , compared to men who had more modest engagement rings to offer.

The study was conducted by two economics professors at Atlanta’s Emory University. The studies seem to indicate that the amount of money that a man spends on the engagement ring can have an impact on the success of the marriage. Broadly, the study found that men who bought more expensive wedding rings were much more likely to end up getting divorced, then those who had cheap wedding rings.

The analysis was based on a survey of 3,000 adults, and the researchers questioned these adults about their marital status, their wedding costs and ring costs. The analysis found, that men who splurged between $2000 and $5000 on the ring had a risk of getting divorced that was up to 1.3 times higher than men who had spent between $500 and $2000 for the ring.

However, men who spent more than $8000 on the ring actually had lower divorce risks. In the same vein, men who spent less than $500 had higher divorce rates. In other words, staying within a budget is fine, but you don’t necessarily want to go cheap on the wedding ring. According to the researchers, the sweet spot for a ring is a price tag of between $500 and $2000, or more than $8,000.

The same study also focused on wedding costs, and found that women who spent more than $20,000 on the wedding had a 60% higher chance of getting divorced, compared to those who went for lower-scale weddings.

The researchers theorized that lavish, expensive and over-the-top weddings are likely to be manifestation of a narcissistic personality, and a tendency to show off. These persons could have some difficulty making a marriage work because of those personality traits.

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