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There are certain universal truths in family law: Divorce is expensive and everyone who participates in this process also pays an emotional price.


The way you and your lawyer approach your divorce can greatly affect both the financial and emotional toll this process will take on you and your family. Generally speaking, an uncontested divorce costs much less than a contested divorce.


The Dominion Law Firm in San Jose, California, is often able to resolve cases for significantly less cost than other firms because:


We approach each case creatively. No two families are the same and each case deserves customized and special treatment. This means that we do not file motions or incur costs just because that is the way it is normally done.


We provide our clients with cost-effective alternatives to litigation like collaborative law. Often, collaborative law can also reduce the emotional costs of divorce as well as the financial costs. Since children often bear these emotional costs, we emphasize resolution and alternatives to litigation in order to protect your children.


We always ask the question, “Is it worth it?” before spending your money. A cost-benefit analysis is part of every decision we make.


We talk to YOU about this analysis because we want to know what is important to you.

We seek to settle cases at the earliest possible moment, while never compromising your rights and interests.


Whether your legal matter involves divorcechild custodyspousal support, or any other family law issue, the Dominion Law Group, LLP will provide a cost-effective solution that meets your particular needs.


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