Since the holiday season is here, many of us have plans to spend time with extended family and friends. For families who have recently experienced a divorce, plans to celebrate the holidays may have greatly changed. The season can be especially tricky for parents as they look to establish new schedules and coordinate where children will spend their winter vacation. If you are a divorced parent, here are some tips to make your holiday season go as smoothly as possible:

Avoid Comparing Yourself to Others

It can be easy to compare your situation with how everyone else seems to be celebrating the holidays, but contrary to what the media may portray, many families do not celebrate the holidays together. Even though the divorce rates are decreasing (along with the rate of new marriages), there are still many divorces that take place in the United States each year, and a large number of families are trying to determine how to manage the holidays after divorce. Rather than trying to meet a fictional ideal of a holiday season with the family, it is best to make the most of your situation.

Create an Alternative Holiday Celebration

Holiday celebrations do not have to take place on December 25th or January 1st. The holidays can be celebrated at any time and any place. Many divorced parents pick a day to exchange gifts, have a family dinner, or enjoy other holiday activities with their children. Instead of focusing on specific days, enjoy the time you have with your children and create new holiday traditions that you can enjoy for years to come.

Be Thankful and Have Fun

If you find yourself alone during the holidays, then you still have the opportunity to make the occasion a good one. Some good ideas for celebrating the holidays include, but are certainly not limited to:

Enjoy solitary activities like binge-watching a TV series or reading a good book.Planning a weekend getaway.Going out to a nice dinner with friends or family members.

During this time, it is good to consider everything to be thankful for, including positive relationships with family and friends, your ability to learn from the past, and the opportunities you have as you focus on your future.

Contact a San Jose Divorce Lawyer

The divorce process can be financially and emotionally stressful for all family members, and if a divorce is finalized soon before the holiday season, it can make this time particularly difficult. However, by focusing on the positive and enjoying the time you have with your family, you can make the most of the season and continue to build a good relationship with your children. If you need help resolving holiday-related issues in your divorce, Dominion Law group, LLP can help you understand your rights and advocate for your family’s best interests. For a free initial consultation, contact a Santa Clara County divorce attorney at 408-288-5592.




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