Over the past few years, social media networking sites including Facebook have turned into a gold mine for divorce lawyers looking for information that they can use in favor of their client. Much of this evidence has to do with cheating.

There is no denying that social media, especially sites like Facebook, and instant messaging apps like SnapChat or Whatsapp have made it very easy for people to conduct an adulterous affair.There’s no need to write love letters anymore, and no need to sneak in phone calls. Using SnapChat, you can communicate 24/7, and can relax knowing that the messages are immediately deleted. SnapChat, in fact, has proven to be very popular with couples who cheat, especially, the feature that allows messages to be destroyed just a few seconds after they are read.

In Italy, divorce lawyers are coming across an increasing number of incidents that blame Whatsapp for divorces. In all these cases, spouses came across evidence of their partner’s infidelity on the chat program.

Evidence of cheating is not the only kind of information that divorce lawyers can find on your Facebook or other social media account. It’s also easy for people to dig out evidence of bad behavior that could interfere with your child custodysituation. If you post a picture of a drunken night out with your friends, passed out and half naked on a sidewalk, a judge who sees this evidence is not likely to believe that you are will be a responsible parent to your child.

That’s the reason why San Jose divorce lawyers recommend that you close down on all your social media accounts, and cut down excessive instant messaging until the divorce is finalized. Instant messaging chats are not private – those messages can easily be copied or forwarded to others.

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