Celebrity divorces don’t raise eyebrows anymore, but when they involve the use of a fancy term for the divorce, it definitely makes the headlines. Recently, actress Gwyneth Paltrow announced that she was divorcing her husband of 10 years, British rockstar Chris Martin. However, the word ” divorce ” was conspicuously absent from the divorce announcement. Instead, the actress who posted the announcement on her website GOOP, used the term “conscious uncoupling.”

So, what is “conscious uncoupling” and how does it differ from a regular divorce? Basically, the term has been used by lifestyle experts, who believe that divorce does not have to be a rancorous, hostile affair. These experts believe that in a world where life expectancies are so high, a successful marriage needs to be defined not by whether the couple live the rest of their lives together, but how happy they made each other while the marriage lasted.

Besides, conscious uncoupling also refers to a mental mindset in which the parties involved gently break from the relationship as a couple, moving forward as individual partners who share co-parenting responsibilities, and treat each other with affection and respect. Respect is the key word in a conscious uncoupling. It means that the parties involved recognize that their children are the top priority, and that any rancor or hostility between the parents is likely to affect the children negatively.

Therefore, Paltrow and Martin as part of their conscious uncoupling, are likely to treat each other with respect in the media, and it’s likely that there will be no unnecessary information leaked out to the press, or petty squabbles in public.

It’s also important to understand that conscious uncoupling is not exactly a new strategy. The principles of collaborative law help persons, who want to separate from each other legally, go through the process of separation in an amicable and respectful manner.

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