In many cases, a lawyer will suggest that you take the services of a mediator to help you resolve your differences, and come to an agreement without going to court. There are several benefits to listening to your lawyer’s advice.

Mediation is definitely much less expensive than a court procedure. Going to court can involve court fees, and lawyer fees all of which will add to the cost of your divorce.

You have more control over the outcome in mediation than in a court trial. Once you go to court, you have essentially handed over control of matters related to your divorce, into the hands of a judge. In mediation, you can continue to control the outcome by negotiating with your partner.

A mediation could also result in a quicker resolution of all your divorce-related disputes.

If you have a busy schedule, try mediation first to see if you can resolve your dispute. Mediation is flexible, and you can choose to have mediation during weekdays, evenings, and in some cases, even on weekends.

The biggest advantage of mediation is that it minimizes stress in the divorce, and the exposure of children to all of the stress. In a divorce trial, your children may be asked to provide testimony, especially in a child custody dispute. You can eliminate all of the stress on the children with mediation.

Speak to a Los Angeles divorce lawyer about the benefits of mediation, and how it can apply to your case. Remember, not all divorces will benefit from the services of a mediator, but in those cases where you are willing to work together with your spouse to resolve differences, mediation can help.

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