Time was when many cases San Jose divorce lawyers saw involved couples who had been married for less than 10 years. People, who were married for many decades were considered to be home safe, with a low risk of their marriage falling apart. In 2014, the scenario is vastly different. Not only are senior divorce rates skyrocketing, but a marriage that has lasted for a couple of decades can simply not be assumed to be rock-solid anymore.

The statistics speak for themselves. The fastest-growing category of divorce involves people above the age of 50. There’s little concept of lifetime marriage anymore, and although the idea may be a very uncomfortable and distressing one for many people, the fact is that this is a practical reality of married life in the United States in 2014.

Many people now marry, realizing fully well that there is a good chance that they may separate in the future. The increasing trend towards prenuptial agreements provides evidence of this. People are becoming practical, and now avoid thinking in terms of a “lifetime marriage,” hoping instead for a happy, satisfying marriage that lasts for many decades. There is no such thing as a certain lifelong marriage that actually lasts till “death do us apart.” Approximately half of all marriages end in divorce, and that is a fact that everybody entering a marriage needs to keep in mind, even as you should be excited about this new phase in your life.

Even the way that people think about divorce has undergone a change over the past 10 years. No longer is divorce equated with failure. In fact, couples who choose to separate attempt to part on friendly, amicable terms, and maintain a friendly relationship, even though they’re no longer married to each other. There’s an increasing trend toward thinking of divorce as the start of the next exciting phase in a person’s life, rather than the end of the marriage.

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