Domestic violence is a difficult and complicated process. Not only does it have lasting emotional and physiological effects, but there could also be some lingering legal issues to be aware of as well. After you have separated from a violent partner, it is important that you are able to move on. These tips will allow you to do just that in both a physical and legal aspect.

Protecting Yourself

One of the first things you will want to do after a domestic violence separation is make sure you are properly protected. This is especially true in cases where the victim is being stalked by their ex-spouse. If you are in this situation, be sure those around you are aware of what is going on. You will also need to report the stalker to the police.

Protecting Your Children

In many domestic violence incidents, children are involved. Most state laws require judges to take into consideration domestic violence claims when they are settling a custody hearing. For this reason, having proof of the violence can help you protect your children and keep them out of the hands of your abuser.

Protecting your Sanity

Finally, make sure you take time to heal emotionally after you have separated from your abuser. To help with this process, seeking the aid of a professional mental health professional and joining a support group are both great options. These tools will help you develop the confidence and emotional stability to move on properly.

After you have separated from your domestic violence abuser, you will be looking for ways to build a better future. Focusing on these areas at the beginning with is the best place to start, but keep in mind that recovery is a process. To learn more about the things you should do after your separation, contact us today.

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