Couples, in which the partners refer to themselves as “soul mates” could actually need a visit to a San Jose divorce lawyer . Couples who refer to their marriage as a “growing” and “evolving” relationship probably have a better job of staying married.

Recently, sociologists conducted an experiment in which they asked people who were in long-term relationships to complete the quiz. They were asked to recall conflicts or celebrations with their partner, and the researchers also measured their responses on expressions describing their relationship. They were also asked to evaluate their relationship.

The researchers found that those couples that managed to describe their relationship as a “unity” between two soul mates, or two halves making a whole, seemed to have relationships that were in more trouble than people who consciously thought of their marriage as a journey that continue to evolve. In the latter case, people seemed to want to work things out. In the case of soul mates, however, the researchers believed that the persons may not be ready for conflicts, because they have an idealized and rose-tinted vision about the two of them being absolutely perfect for each other. There is no such thing as two people being perfect for each other at all times and in every situation. People, who describe themselves as perfect for each other, or being in perfect unity with each other could therefore be setting themselves up for marital trouble down the road.

If you are considering divorce and have questions about how your divorce will affect your financial life, your relationship with your children, and other aspects of your life after marriage, speak with a San Jose divorce attorney.

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