Female veterans, who serve to defend our country, are already at a high risk of rape and sexual assault in the military. The study finds that when these women return from combat duty, they are also at a higher risk of domestic violence .

There are few studies into the problem of intimate partner violence involving female veterans. Recently however, a new report that published in the Journal Research in Nursing and Health spotlighted this very little-known issue. The research suggests that although women of all age groups and social demographic groups are at risk for domestic violence, female veterans are at higher risk for domestic violence compared to civilian women. Female veterans support programs focusing on domestic violence, and also want more follow-up support and help from Veterans Health Administration resources.

As many as 15% of active military personnel are female. Another 10% of veterans are believed to be women. In spite of this, and in spite of the fact that female veterans do suffer from gender-specific health issues during combat and when they return home, doctors at the Veterans Administration do not seem to be very experienced in treating these specific problems. There is evidence that female veterans come back home with gender-specific psychological problems, but doctors do not seem to be as interested in treating these, and there isn’t much focus on dealing with these problems, as there is in dealing with male health issues.

Besides, lack of time is another major factor in the lack of diagnosis of domestic violence involving female veterans. Doctors and nurses are busy diagnosing conditions including depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder, as well as evidences of sexual assault. Domestic violence may not really be on the priority list.

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