The World Cup has been delaying divorces in the United Kingdom, according to a British divorce firm. This firm reports that upon England’s soccer team reaching the quarterfinals, the number of people inquiring about divorce has dropped significantly. According to the firm, they have seen a 36 percent drop in the number of cases it typically handles during the first three weeks of the World Cup.

This trend is confirmed by Google search data using divorce terms. Divorce-related search terms also have seen a sharp drop during the World Cup soccer tournament. The firm also experienced a reduction in divorce inquiries in 2010. That year England was badly beaten by Germany in the tournament’s knockout stages.

 The firm anticipates that the trend will continue as long as England continues to progress. They predict that when England is knocked out or wins the tournament, divorce interest will resume normal levels.

 Likewise, in the United States, there are certain times of the year that are more common for divorce. One recent study has found that August and March are peak times to file for divorce in this country.

It is posited that August is a peak time because summer vacations have typically been taken by then. More Americans vacation in July than any other month. Experts say that people give their marriages one last shot on vacation, and if marital conditions do not improve, they file for divorce.

March is a high time for divorces because the holidays and Valentine’s Day has passed. Couples with children usually try to avoid seeking a divorce during the holidays.

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