As men were traditionally expected to be the breadwinners in the past, many people still assume that child support and alimony only work one way with men making payments to former wives when divorce occurs. The entertainment world sometimes provides examples of how this also goes the other way as actress Morena Baccarin is one of the latest female celebrities who was ordered to pay child and spousal support.

Baccarin is known for roles in Firefly and Homeland and currently stars on Fox’s Gotham , and the 36-year-old star is estranged from 44-year-old Austin Chick, who is a screenwriter and director. The pair have a 2-year-old son, and a judge ordered that Baccarin pay $20,349 a month for spousal support plus an additional $2,693 per month for child support.

Unless Chick remarries, Baccarin is expected to continue paying spousal support. The actress now dates her costar Ben McKenzie, and the couple welcomed a baby girl in March 2015. Baccarin and Chick share legal custody of their son, but Chick moved to Los Angeles, which makes it more difficult for the two to co-parent as Baccarin films her television show in New York.

This story highlights many things a couple may have to deal with when going through a divorce. Judges tend to want both parents to share custody at least at first, but one partner may wish to relocate after a divorce. Mediation or negotiation could help parents agree on what co-parenting will consist of. It is also important to note that the person making support payments might be able to ask for a modification if his or her financial circumstances change or the other party’s finances change. Contact us if you are going through a divorce.


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