If you are in the middle of a divorce , and you haven’t been able to come to an amicable settlement, then the court will likely order you to undergo child custody mediation .

When parents are in the middle of a divorce, and they cannot come to a mutually beneficial and acceptable agreement about child custody, the court may order them to undergo mediation to help them resolve their differences via a professionally trained counselor. This is a court-mandated process that is designed to encourage the two parties involved in a divorce to come to mutually acceptable decisions about the custody of the children. The point is to keep the best interests of the children in mind, and bring about an amicable settlement of all issues involved without the need for a possibly hostile dispute in court.

This is a court-ordered procedure which means that you need to be prepared and present your best side in order to have a result that is favorable to you. There are some things that you can do to help make the results of the court-ordered child custody mediation more favorable to you. Step up communication with your spouse. Obviously, poor communication between the two of you is the reason why you need a court-ordered mediation. However, it can be helpful to discuss matters involving your children with your spouse one last time before you introduce a third party into the situation.

Also, go into a child custody mediation understanding that you are not being forced into a settlement. In other words, if the settlement and the arrangements that are being finalized are not favorable to you, then you do not have to agree to the settlement. Make a list of all your concerns about child custody, visitation, parenting time and other matters and practice articulating these to avoid confusion, or coming across as indecisive in court.

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