One of the first pieces of advice your divorce lawyer should give you during your divorce proceedings, is to completely avoid any activity on social media sites like Facebook or Twitter until the divorce proceedings are complete.

Far too many divorce proceedings have been derailed and unexpected surprises have emerged after attorneys for the other party came across incriminating evidence in the form of photographs, comments, posts and videos uploaded on Facebook. No matter how difficult the divorce is, and how antagonistic or hostile situation is becoming, the one thing that you cannot do is access any social media site to vent your feelings.

In fact, it’s not just you who should avoid Facebook or any other social media site altogether during the divorce proceedings, but also your family. For instance, in a child custody dispute, it is very likely that the opposing lawyers will track not only your activity on Facebook, but also the activity of your younger teenage children. If your teen children have posted photographs of them indulging in behaviors like drinking or other undesirable behaviors, don’t be surprised if the lawyers for your spouse tries to use those photographs as evidence that you are an unfit parent, and therefore, do not deserve custody of the children.

Besides, photographs once uploaded on Facebook, cannot be deleted as easily. You may be able to delete them physically from the social network site, but if lawyers have chanced upon those photographs, and have screenshots of these, then your action in deleting those photographs is likely to be viewed as deletion of evidence, or proof of your guilt.

There is no denying the fact that social media activity simply makes your divorce more complicated.

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