Couples, who smoke marijuana, are much less likely to be involved in incidents of domestic violence . Overall, couples reported much lower levels of domestic violence perpetrated by either the husband or the wife, when they were frequent users of marijuana. In fact, the more pot used, the less likely they were to engage in domestic violence.

The reasons for this are not that hard to understand. According to the researchers, couples who enjoy sharing pot together probably share the same values, and that makes for a relationship that is much more harmonious and less prone to conflict. The study seems to point to one facet of marijuana smoking that has not been highlighted as much – some research seems to indicate that this drug reduces aggressive tendencies, and reduces incidents of conflict. The study focused on heterosexual couples, and monitored them over nine years of marriage, starting right from the first year of marriage.

Obviously, the findings of the study should not be taken to indicate that smoking weed is some kind of a recipe for harmonious marriage.

Victims who are suffering violence in a relationship do not have to suffer through silently. There are laws in California that protect victims of domestic violence including married spouses, former married spouses, intimate partners or cohabitants, persons in a romantic or dating relationship, children and blood relatives. All of these people can be protected by a protective restraining order that is designed to restrict the domestic violence perpetrator’s access to the victims.

The abuse also does not have to involve purely physical assault for a person to take action. If you are in a relationship and are being sexually assaulted, or the person is attempting to cause bodily injury to you, or is perpetrating other types of abuse or violence that is not necessarily physical in nature, you could still apply for a restraining order.

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