It’s holiday season once again, which can sadly bring new levels of tension in a marriage.

All kinds of stress can mean trouble for marital happiness. Thanksgiving with the in-laws, over spending at Christmas, even your summer break can exacerbate existing financial stress, especially money problems, and pave the way for a divorce.

That information comes from a study conducted in the United Kingdom where approximately 2,008 adults were interviewed as part of the survey, and the survey found that as many as 1/5th of UK parents consider divorce or separation just after the holidays or before the children are due to return back to school in the fall.

One of the reasons for a higher risk of divorce after the holidays is increased financial pressure during the break. Children may want to go on expensive holidays, and that places financial pressure on parents. Besides, working parents may need to hire expensive childcare or daycare facilities for children who are on a break from school for a few weeks, and that adds to the financial burden.

However, it is unlikely that the stress of the summer holidays is the sole reason why people consider divorce after the holidays. It is very likely that there are already problems in the marriage that the couple need to work on. These troubles are simply amplified during summer vacation when children are at home, and financial and other stresses rise. Often, the relationship is already at breaking point much before the holidays, and the holiday stress only exacerbates the situation.

Besides, many parents also decide to post any decision on a divorce or separation until after the holidays, because they do not want to ruin the vacation break for their children.

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