Experiencing your parents going through a divorce at any age is very difficult. When you are a child, and your parents divorce, you would handle the massive life change differently than you would when you are an adult. As a matter of fact, being an adult and experiencing your parents going through the divorce process may be more difficult than it would be if you are a child. You are often so used to your parents being together, and seeing them end their marriage may shatter your relationship with either parent.

What to Expect as an Adult Child during Divorce

For anyone, the process of filing for divorce can be especially confusing, whether that is financially or emotionally. For an adult child, it is normal to feel angry, hurt, betrayed, and sad. The divorce process may make the adult child to go through a grieving phase, almost identical to the feeling of losing a loved one. Because the adult child is more independent, he or she will likely have less support during the divorce process, and the adult child may be treated more like a friend than a child.

It may be beneficial for the adult child to put his or her foot down and set boundaries for both parents. He or she may have some valuable resources for the divorcing parents, such as friends or therapists that may further support them in the divorce process.

An adult child seeing his or her parent with another significant other may experience a range of emotions including anger or sadness. When one or both parents have new romantic partners, everyone, including the adult children, are impacted. It is perfectly alright to feel angry or anxiety at first, but the emotions should pass in a matter of time.

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Going through the process of divorce is never easy, and when you are a child of divorced parents, the experience may be especially hard. If you or a loved one is going through a divorce have children, it is important to talk to your child about what life will be like after the divorce is finalized. A divorce can significantly impact children—regardless of age. At Dominion Law Group, LLP, we can offer effective legal advice for your unique situation. For a free initial consultation, please call a Santa Clara County divorce lawyer at 408-288-5592 to get the help you deserve.



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