In California, and all over the US child support is a right for children because it helps them do better. Perhaps the parents chose to dissolve the relationship, but the child deserves the financial support of both parties for have a chance at a fair and bright future.

Lawyers will advise both custodial and non-custodial parents to work out child support payments carefully and eventually through the court system so that there are no grey areas and a record of the process is available. Child support should not be negotiated verbally or haphazardly, this can lead to future disagreements. By completing the appropriate forms, bolstered by financial documents and up-to-date personal figures, an accurate child support payment can be determined for one or both parties.

The question is, how is this child support payment determined? Each state has its own procedure, which employ formulas to determine what child support amounts are appropriate for the parties to share. Try a child support calculator if you like, but for accurate and serious numbers perhaps contact us for a more realistic determination. Let’s face it, this is your money, and child support commitments are there to support our offspring.

These are important factors that figure in Child Support Payments:

In California child support calculations will take into account the parent’s “net disposable income.” This will include any bonuses or irregular sources of income.The court will calculate parenting “time-share.” This means how much time each parent spends with the child/children performing as the primary care taker, and in charge for the physical responsibility for the child.The parents who has the child most of the time will usually receive the child support, except in cases of very disparate income inequalities between the custodial parent and non-custodial parent.In cases of equally shared responsibility of the children, income becomes the determining factor to appoint child support payments.Health insurance will be ordered for the children as long as it is at a reasonable cost. One or both parents can contribute to this, or it will calculated into the child support formula.

Even in cases where both parents can come to an amicable and reasonable child support agreement, we highly recommend consulting with experienced attorneys for a review of any parental agreements that are prepared to be submitted to the courts. It is better to have an objective view that can uncover potentially difficult and unsustainable situations.

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