Child support arrangements can be one of the most complicated factors that result from a divorce. If you have lost your job or had a change in marital status or change in income, it is sometimes necessary to change the child support currently in place by getting a child support modification. The following tips will ultimately help you obtain a child support modification.

If you are not able to pay the current child support payment, you should act quickly. You will still pay the amount due in arrears. Once your circumstances change so that you can pay the amount due, take action and start taking steps to secure a child support modification.

One of the most important actions you can take during this time is to try to reach an agreement with the other parent of the child. See if the other parent will agree to make a child support modification. Since reaching an agreement can sometimes prove to be difficult during such a trying time, it is usually in your best interest to consider a formal method such as mediation. This can help both parties ultimately reach an agreement.

You should keep making payments to the maximum extent possible. If you do not put your best effort forth to make the child support payments you owe, you will ultimately hurt your arguments that new circumstances require a new child support amount.

If you are going through a child support agreement, contact us. We will be glad to address any questions or concerns you have relating to obtaining child support modification.

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