While divorce is the right choice for many couples, dissolving a marriage tends to cause a lot of hurt feelings. Many former partners never want to see their exes again, but this is not an option when a couple has a minor child or children as the reality is that many parents must set aside their animosity and work together for a child’s sake. Here are some obstacles you may face when determining child custody and visitation.

Alienation – This takes place when a parent does not honor the other parent’s visitation rights and tries to keep a child away from the other parent. Your spouse might seem like the worst person in the world to you, but your child likely disagrees. Additionally, a judge will probably take your child’s side. Unless a parent is unfit, courts typically believe both parents should be involved in a child’s life.

Avoid Alienation: Judges do their best to stop alienation before it occurs, so you are less likely to receive primary custody if you seem focused on your grudge against your partner and unlikely to cooperate. Show a judge that you can put your children’s best interests before yours to have the best chance at joint or full custody.

Watch For Alienation: If your former spouse does not follow through with items in a custody agreement, take note of what is happening. Keep a log of when a custodial parent denies calls, visitation, vacations and other agreed on matters. Denying access to a parent ultimately only hurts a child and likely leads right back to court. Follow your end of child custody and child support arrangements to show the judge that you can respect the court’s orders and are putting your child’s needs first.

Stay tuned for our next blog post to learn about another obstacle parents face after divorce, and contact us to learn about how we could help you when ending your marriage and navigating child custody issues.

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