Have a habit of purchasing products using a credit card without your spouse’s knowledge? Such financial and shopping-related secrets can increase your risk of divorce.

According to a new report, approximately one in every 10 people admits that hiding purchases on their credit cards from their spouses has played a role in their divorce. The study was conducted in the United Kingdom, and involved 1000 men and women. Approximately 36% of the respondents, who had lied to their spouses about their spending habits, admitted that they did so because they knew that their spouse would be angry with this shopping. Another 50 percent said that they hid their purchases from their spouse, because they knew that it would meet with disapproval.

Furtive credit card shopping did not have to be frivolous and unnecessary to be a potential marriage threat. Approximately 50% of the people confessed that they frequently shopped on their credit card for new shoes and clothes. However, another 50% of the people admitted that they used their credit cards to meet basic expenses like household bills, utility bills, rent and gasoline.

Not surprisingly, women were much more likely to hide such secret credit card shopping. They were 60% more likely to hide their purchases even though it was the men who spent much more on credit card purchases on an average. Women were much more likely to feel guilty for hiding their purchases from their partners.

Of course, the news that stress related to money is often a cause for divorce is no surprise to anyone. Arguments or disagreements over money continue to remain one of the leading factors in divorce in the United States.

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