If you are getting divorced, you may want to try divorce mediation before rushing to settle your divorce through the court systems. Divorce mediation allows a couple to sit down and discuss their divorce instead of letting the court decide what the final outcome will be. For this reason, many try mediation before heading to the courthouse.

Here are some reasons to try mediation if possible.

Mediation can be cheaper and faster. If you don’t go through the court system, you will probably be able to get your divorce settled much faster, which in turn costs less money.You are in control of your divorce. Mediation lets a couple discuss what they want in the divorce settlement. Then, they can reach an agreement that works best for the two of them, not what the court feels is best.Mediation is usually less traumatic for both parties. Fighting in court can be quite traumatizing. When people are allowed to discuss their feelings with a third party, they can usually talk things out without fighting so much.It allows the couple to have a chance at working together in the future. Many people who have children together will need to get along in the future. Mediation is just the beginning of finding a balance that works for everyone involved.Mediation is private and confidential. Many people don’t want to hear about their divorce by gossiping neighbors and friends. However, mediation is confidential so no one but the couple will know what is going on.

Divorce mediation is a good thing for everyone involved, if it is possible. It is much cheaper, faster, and more effective. It allows people some hope that they can come out the other side and continue to get along, especially if children are involved.

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