Is there such a thing as divorce fever? One recent study says yes.

If one or more couples in your friend group or extended family are getting a divorce, researchers say that you could soon follow suit. According to this research, divorces tend to happen near the same time in social groups.

The study reports that a married person is 75 percent more likely to end his or her marriage if that person has a friend who is divorced. Even if your social circle has no divorces, your risk of divorce could be elevated. The study found that if a friend of a friend is divorced, your risk of divorce goes up by 33 percent.

There are some factors found in the study that indicates that your chances of divorce will be minimized. For example, the survey found that popular people are less likely to get divorced. Popular people who do get divorced are more likely to remarry.

The study found that having children does not affect the likelihood of divorce, however, each child of the marriage reduces the susceptibility to being influenced by friends who get divorced. Other risks factors for divorce include:

Whether your biological parents got divorced;Different levels of alcohol consumption between spouses;Marrying in teens or early twenties, however, marrying after age 32 seems to increase divorce risk;Attractiveness, as more attractive people have a harder time staying married;Having an expensive wedding as couples with weddings costing at least $20,000 were 3.5 times more likely to split than whose weddings cost between $5,000 and $10,000;Getting pregnant quickly after marrying;The first child is a daughter as girls have been shown to be born into marriages that are already strained;Did not complete college;Growing up without religion; andMarried and divorced previously.

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