After you get divorced and you think that you are finished with your lawyer, there are still a lot of things that you have to do. One of the biggest post divorce actions includes staying on top of your child support payments. More and more people are not receiving the money that they deserve. However, they feel like there is not really anything that they can do to ensure that they are getting the child support that they need to live on.

Here are some tips to get the child support payments that you deserve.

Make sure that it is in writing. It is important to make sure that you went through the court system and got it in writing that you deserve money each month from your ex.Try to talk to your ex first. You should do everything in your power to solve the problem before you go to court. You will spend a lot of money and you might make the situation with your ex even worse.With a court order, you may be able to go to your ex’s bank and receive payment. If you have the paperwork telling them that you need the money, they may be able to help you by taking it directly out of their account.You can also go to their employer and ask to get a percentage of their wages. Some employers will send you the money directly so you don’t even have to go through your ex at all.Hire a lawyer. If you are not getting anywhere with the above thoughts, you may have to spend the money and try to get the money that you and your children deserve. Sometimes all it takes is the threat of court to get the money!

You and your children deserve child support so you need to make sure that you are getting it. You always need to make sure that you have it in writing so that you have options. You can try to talk to your ex and reach an agreement or you can try to go to their bank or employer for help. If necessary, hire a lawyer!

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