Dating after divorce is never easy, and one of the challenges that you will face as a single parent getting back into the dating game after the divorce, is introducing your new partner to your children.

There are certain rules involved when you want to introduce your children to your new partner. Keep your expectations low as to how things will go, and be ready for the unexpected. Choose a casual setting, where there are no expectations, and there’s no pressure on everyone involved. The last thing you want to do is tell the children that they have to be nice to your partner.

California divorce lawyers recommend that you introduce the new partner as a friend, and give your children time to get to know the person in a no-pressure, informal environment. This allows children to get to know the person without feeling threatened.

To keep things very informal and casual, avoid making physical displays of affection towards the partner in front of the children. Not only will this make the children uncomfortable, but may also give rise to feelings of insecurity. It’s also best to have a long conversation with your partner before the introductions are made, so that he or she has a chance to get a fair idea about the personality of your children, and knows what to look out for.

It is highly recommended that you avoid introducing children to your significant other until the person is actually expected to enjoy a permanent role in your life. That’s because it can be traumatic for children to get attached to a new person in their parents’ lives, only to lose that person when the relationship sours.

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