It seems like every week a new study comes out purporting to identify a new risk factor for divorce. Divorce is something many people seek to avoid, so these articles are usually popular with readers.

As with any study, there is often more than one way to interpret the results, and sometimes the headline gets it wrong or does not tell the whole story. In this blog post, we will look at three recently identified risk factors for divorce.

Being Rich

Divorces tend to pick up, rather than decrease, in periods of economic growth. This could be because divorce is expensive in that one’s living expenses will increase. Typically, spouses want to be sure they are on a firm financial footing before pursuing divorce.

Another reason that the rich may head for divorce more often is that one spouse has a job and the other stays at home. This disparity can place a strain on a relationship. High-paying jobs also tend to be stressful and involve long hours and travel.

Cohabitation Before Marriage

One recent study claims that those who live together prior to marriage have a lower divorce rate in the first year of marriage but have a higher divorce rate after five years. However, two weeks later a different research group arrived at the opposite conclusion. It found that living together before marriage made couples less likely to divorce.

So which is it? It looks like the jury is still out on this issue. Premarital cohabitation has been analyzed for over 25 years, and there has been no consensus on the effect this practice has on divorce risk.

Specific Careers

Finally, some studies show that your career and that of your spouse will impact your risk of divorce. Dancers and choreographers, bartenders, massage therapists, casino workers, telephone operators, nurses, and home health aides are the occupations with the highest divorce rates. There is also research that indicates that when people cheat, they are more likely to cheat with a co-worker.

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